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Nude Harmony

December 7, 2019 to January 15, 2020

 Naked is Human Commodity Nudity is God’s Art .
                                                                             - David Allio 

Physical and Mental Harmony is a universal harmony with Different Stories and they have always Held a Special Fascination for the Human Mind and Soul of every individual  .

Personally Sometimes i see a Philosopher , a Lover , Deep anger  Or Satisfaction of a lost love in The Nude figure . 
To me Every Artist Undresses His Subject ,Whether Human or Still Life .
It is His Business To Find Essences in Surfaces , and What More Attractive and challenging Surface than the skin Around a Soul .
The “Nude harmony “ is a Gathering of few Romantic / Wild Thoughts , Imaginations and realities  where the ‘PAINTING” Comes together and make a new story with the human emotions and feelings as an art Piece .