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  • About A .P. Santhanaraj

    An artist in whose works the spontaneity of emotional intensity merges seamlessly with the the  studied preciseness of technique, the rhythmic contours of abstraction come intertwined with the elements of classical Indian art, AP Santhanaraj is most ...

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  • A .P. Santhanaraj
  • About A. Ramachandran

    One of India’s most distinguished and prolific artists, his art reverberates with the lyricism of classical Indian art and its quest for evolving a distinct idiom not just for itself but also a panoramic view of ...

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  • A. Ramachandran
  • About A.P.S. Easter Raj

    Chennai- based Easter Raj is a well-versed artist in the figurative vein who has evolved typical imageries and a style of his own. He takes much from his illustrious artist farther, Santhana Raj and combines the ...

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  • A.P.S. Easter Raj
  • About Achuthan Kudallur

    Achuttan Kudallur was born in 1945 in  Palghat, Kerala. He is a self taught artist with a degree in civil engineering. He was a part of Madras Art Club, which functioned within the Government College of ...

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  • Achuthan Kudallur
  • About Akbar Padamsee

    He donned many hats at one go as he has experimented with a range of media, from oil on canvas to photography and digital printmaking. Akbar Padamsee, the artist who is known the most for his ...

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  • Akbar Padamsee
  • About Ambadas Khobragade

    His works were essentially a window to the worldview of his soul. With his subaltern origins and a childhood deeply influenced by Gandhian ideals, Ambadas Khobragade’s works were marked by a deep seated quest for the ...

    About Artworks(6)
  • Ambadas Khobragade
  • About Amrita Sher Gil

    Amrita Shergil came in at a time when the scene in Indian painting was vastly dominated by the Bengal School of Art represented by the likes of Abindranath Tagore and Jamini Roy.  The school marked the ...

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  • Amrita Sher Gil
  • About Anjolie Ela Menon

    Anjolie Ela Menon was born in 1940 in Burnpur, West Bengal. Menon took up art while still in school and by the time she was fifteen, had already sold a couple of paintings. She joined the ...

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  • Anjolie Ela Menon
  • About Arpana Caur

    The highly celebrated artist, has a deep concern about serious issues of all times pertaining to women, and this is depicted with a tremendous dynamism and depth of feeling. The greatness of her works lies in ...

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  • Arpana Caur
  • About Arpita Singh

    Born in 1937 in what is now Bangladesh, Arpita Singh studied at the School of Art, Delhi Polytechnic in New Delhi from 1954 to 1959. After completing her graduation, she worked for the Indian government’s Cottage ...

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  • Arpita Singh
  • About B. Prabha

    Her canvas covered a broad spectrum of subjects from social issues like drought and hunger to the depiction of rural women in different settings and circumstances. And yet what binds these works together is a certain ...

    About Artworks(2)
  • B. Prabha
  • About B. Vithal

    A master sculptor and painter, B. Vithal was born in Maharashtra in 1935. He studied at the Sir J.J. School of Art, Mumbai.  He had an innate understanding of the human form which found different modes ...

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  • B. Vithal
  • About B.C. Sanyal


    Bhabesh Sanyal was born in Assam in 1902. He studied at the Serampore College, Bengal. Later, he got a Diploma from the Government College of Art and Crafts, Calcutta. He worked as a teacher at the ...

    About Artworks(8)
  • B.C. Sanyal
  • About Badri Narayan

    A painter, writer, storyteller and art teacher, the great artist Badri Naryan’s art was an extension of the multi-faceted canvas of his persona. A pioneer of sorts in evolving a distinct discursive methodology for his works, ...

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  • Badri Narayan
  • About Bharat Bhushan Singh

    Born in 1965, the artist Bharat Bhushan Singh secured an MFA in Painting from Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi. He is influenced by the splendour and aura of ancient cities and civilisations. His works evoke the city ...

    About Artworks(1)
  • Bharat Bhushan Singh
  • About Bhupen Khakar

    Bhupen Khakhar  is best known for his paintings, but also experimented with installations, glass-painting, ceramics and writing. But he is most of all known as a maverick, a man who defied and challenged societal norms, both ...

    About Artworks(1)
  • Bhupen Khakar
  • About Bikash Bhattacharjee

    Recognized as India’s leading painter in the western realist and surrealist traditions, Bikash Bhattacharjee is known the world over for works that are haunting , somewhat disturbing and portray the grim realities of urban, middle class ...

    About Artworks(4)
  • Bikash Bhattacharjee
  • About Bimal Das Gupta

    Born in Bengal in 1917, Bimal Dasgupta was raised by his uncle, a government employee posted in Delhi. His uncle’s family did not support his ambition of becoming an artist and he joined Calcutta’s College of ...

    About Artworks(21)
  • Bimal Das Gupta
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