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 Born in January 1940 in Bengal, Niren Sengupta was the former Principal of College of Art, New Delhi. He has taught for over 30 years at graduate & post-graduate levels in various art institutions. He graduated in science from the Calcutta University and secured a Graduate Degree in Arts from the Govt. College of Art & Crafts, Calcutta. Sengupta is also the Founder member of ‘Gallery 26’ in Kolkata. He is also a member of the group Calcutta Painters and Executive Member of the Academy of Visual Media, New Delhi.


Art for him, is an expression of inner language. It is the supreme embodiment of the innermost recesses of his consciousness and one can sense that meditative beauty and reflective spirit in his works, something that is akin to a spiritual experience almost. So, artistic expression for him is not rushed, unbridled, frenzied outpouring of energy. Rather , its a controlled  and serene manifestation of beauty and divinity. 


Niren Sengupta has many prestigious solo and group exhibitions to his credit. The veteran artist and art educator has over 30 years of teaching experience at both graduate and post graduate levels. He has been felicitated with many awards such as the AIFACS Award and NBT  Award in New Delhi as well as the Award for Humanity Udayan Care; DSCWOS.


His works can be found in collections at well known galleries like the Lalit Kala Akademi. The artist works from his studio in New Delhi.


Education: Graduated in Science from Calcutta University Graduated from Govt. College of Art & Crafts, Calcutta in 1965 Member: Founder member of ‘Gallery 26’ Member of Calcutta painters, Academy of Visual Media Art advisor to various Art Organisations and member of Habitat Centre, Delhi Curated the Millenium shows ‘Their Story’ organized by VHAI and ‘Artists connection with Bengal’ organized by Dhoomi Mal Gallery. Solo Exhibitions: Triveni Kala Sangam, New Delhi 1967 Shridharani Gallery, New Delhi 1975 Shridharani Gallery, New Delhi 1982 Information Centre, Calcutta 1984 Shridharani Gallery, New Delhi 1984 Taj Art Gallery, Mumbai 1988, 1990, 1992, 1994 and 1996 Aurobindo Gallery, Pondicherry 1992 Gallery 42, New Delhi 1993 Akarshan Gallery, New Delhi 1998 Grindlays Bank – Gallery Ganesha, New Delhi 1995 Freedom Gallery 1999 Aurodhan Gallery, Pondicherry 2000 Art Forum, New Delhi 2001 Damyanti Gallery, New Delhi 2002 Dhoomimal Mega Art Gallery, New Delhi 2003 Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi 2005 Gallery Ganesha, New Delhi 2008 Group Exhibitions: Participating in National Exhibition, and AIFACS annual Exhibition since 1969 Group shows by Calcutta painters in Mumbai, Kolkata, New Delhi and Shantiniketan since 1972 Group shows in aid of Bangladesh in Mumbai, Kolkata and New Delhi 1971 Gallery 26 in New Delhi in 1976 and 1977 Biennale, Bhopal 1988 Vadehra Gallery, New Delhi 1990 Dhoomi Mal Gallery ‘Ravi Jain memorial show’ since 1990 Participated in ‘Artists who are teachers’ at Habitat Centre, New Delhi 1991 Group shows organized by ‘Udayan Care’ New Delhi 1994 Birla Academy, Kolkata 1994 Banladesh Biennale, Dhaka 1995 Exhibition of Paintings at Damascus 1995 Uravasti, New Delhi 1995 Gallery Petite, New Delhi Aurodhan Exhibition in Hyatt Regency, New Delhi 1995 Tanjore Gallery, New Delhi 1996 20 Artists show at AIFACS, New Delhi 1996 Mexico Festival 1996 21 Artists show at AIFACS, New Delhi 1997 Delhi for Delhi, and People for Animals at Taj Palace Hotel, New Delhi 1997 ‘The End of Silence’ organised by Gallery Mirage, New Delhi 1997 Delhi Art Gallery shows at Park Royal, New Delhi 1998 ‘Song of Summer’, Gallery Mirage 1998 ‘Jodhpur Musing’ by Gallery Ganesha 1998 ‘Vision 98’ by Uruvasti Gallery, New Delhi 1998 ‘Art for Spastics’ Chennai 1999 Anniversary show by Gallery Ganesha in 1999 and 2001 ‘The Art Show’ by Art Junction, New Delhi 1999 ‘Dreams and Realities’ LKA New Delhi 1999 ‘An evening with figures’ Art Junction, New Delhi 1999 ‘Their Story’ by VHAI, at LKA New Delhi 2000 Group show by Academy of Visual Media, LKA, New Delhi 2002 ‘International Exchange Exhibition’ at Seoul 2001 ‘Principals of Art’ by Art Forum,New Delhi 2002 I’m Gallery, New Delhi 2002 Freedom Gallery, New Delhi 2002 Kalanjali, New Delhi 2002 Daffodils Gallery show at Grand Hyatt, New Delhi 2002 Dhoomimal Mega Art Gallery, New Delhi 2003-08 Indo-Russian Show, New Delhi 2005 Indian Art Forum 2005 Indo-French Show, Alliance Francaise 2006 Indo-France Show, Paris Nov 2006 Indo-Korean Show, Seoul 2007 International Art Festival Seoul 2007 Dhoomimal Gallery 70 years, 2007 Calcutta Painters, Kolkata and Singapore 2007 Indo-Korean Show at Dhoomimal Art Centre, New Delhi 2008 Navarasa organized by Birla Academy, Kolkata 2009 Drawing Show by Dhoomimal Gallery, at Visual Arts Gallery, New Delhi 2009 Artists Camps: Attended various national and international artist camps in India, France, Australia, Italy, Bangladesh, South Korea, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Russia etc. Collection: Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi College of Art, New Delhi Taj Hotel Group, Mumbai Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi Goenka, Mumbai Raj Bhavan, Kolkata Japanese Prime Minister And with many other private collectors in India and abroad Awards: Received major awards like AIFACS Award and NBT Award – New Delhi; Award for Humanity Udayan Care; DSCWOS etc

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