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Lalu Prasad Shaw was born in Bengal in 1937, and completed his education in fine arts at the Government College of Arts and Crafts in Kolkata. He is well known for his highly stylized portraits of Bengali women and couples, His painting style is such that he delves deeply into the subject’s physical presence, studies their physical characteristics and mannerisms and then in his paintings, captures their expressions perfectly with the greatest economy of line and colour.  When you look at his subjects, the characters portrayed, you can feel them very intensely. Such is the power of his works. He makes you feel drawn to the subjects. You want to know their background stories after looking at those works. Lalu Prasad Shaw was influenced by the pre-independence Company School of art, the traditional Kalighat Pat and the Ajanta cave paintings, Shaw’s works, mainly executed in gouache or tempera, are simple and graceful, having a very still, well-composed and smooth exterior.  He draws inspiration mainly from nature and the immediate socio cultural milieu of the Bengali middle class.  His style is unique and modern in its adaptation of academic and traditional Indian formats.

The artist has exhibited extensively in India and abroad since 1956, His works have been a part of prestigious international shows such as the second British Biennale in London, 1970, two Norwegian Print Biennales in 1974 and 1978, the seventh Paris Biennale in 1971 and the second Asian Art Biennale hosted by Bangladesh in 1984.

Lalu Prasad Shaw lives and works in Kolkata.


1954-59 Diploma in Painting (Western), Government College of Arts and Crafts, Kolkata



Selected Solo Exhibitions

2017 'Babu and Bibi', Gallery 7, Mumbai

2011-12 'Looking In', Galerie 88, Kolkata

2011 'Graceful Silence', Art Musings, Mumbai

2008 ‘The Myrid Minded Artist’, Gallery Sanskriti, Kolkata

2007 ‘Sepia Notes’, Art Musings, Mumbai

1995 ‘Painting’, Centre for International Modern Art (CIMA), Kolkata

1990 ‘Graphic Art’, Centre for Contemporary Art, New Delhi

1990 ‘Graphic Art’, The Seagull Foundation for Arts, Kolkata

1987 ‘Painting’, Dhoomimal Art Centre, New Delhi

1985 ‘Painting’, Dhoomimal Art Centre, New Delhi

1984 ‘Graphic Art’, Heritage Art Gallery, New Delhi

1980 ‘Graphic’, Udipi, Bangalore

1976 ‘Graphic’, Sarla Art Gallery, Chennai

1967 ‘Painting’, Arts and Prints Gallery, Kolkata

1965 ‘Painting’, Art and Industry Gallery, Kolkata

Selected Group Exhibitions


2009 'Mark of Masters -2', Art and soul, Mumbai

2009 'Modern Continuous', Galerie 88, Kolkata

2008 'Tales, Reflection and Constructs', ITC Windsor, Bangalore

2007 ‘High on Art’, Visual Art Gallery, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi

2007 ‘An Evening in Paris....Rome....London’, Gallery Sanskriti, Kolkata

2007 ‘Tales, Reflection and Constructs’, Galerie 88, Kolkata

2007 Birla Academy of Art and Culture, Kolkata

2007 ‘Bengal Chromosome’, Artists’ Circle, Kolkata

2007 ‘Linear Configuration’, Art and Soul, New Delhi

2007 ‘Suncrome 3’, Akar Prakar, Kolkata

2007 ‘Red Earth and the Pouring Rain’, organized by Red Earth Gallery at LANXESS ABS Gallery, Baroda

2007 Society of Contemporary Artists, Kolkata

2007 ‘Sensuality’, Galleria, New Delhi

2007’Etch and Print’, Art and Deal, New Delhi

2007 17th Anniversary Group Show, Gallery Ganesha, New Delhi

2006 The Indian Art Show 2006, Arushi Art, New Delhi

2006 ‘Tradition in Modernity’, Centre for International Modern Art (CIMA), Kolkata

2006 ‘The Tempera Show’, Akar Prakar, Kolkata

2006 Gallery Sanskriti, Kolkata

2006 Birla Academy of Art and Culture, Kolkata

2006 The New Space, Dubai

2005 ‘Face to Face’, Centre for International Modern Art (CIMA), Kolkata

2005 ‘Sunchrome Exhibition’, Kolkata Paper Market, Kolkata

2005 Galleria, Mumbai

2005 Art and Soul, New Delhi

2004 ‘Call of the Real’, organized by Gallery Sanskriti at Colombo

2002 ‘Perspecta’, Gallery 88, London

2002 ‘Transection’, Gallery 88, London

2000 ‘Contemporary Woman by Modern Indian Artist’, Hong Kong

1977 Exhibition of Graphical Art from Asian Countries, Volkshochschule, Leverkusen, Germany

1973 Dhaka, Chittagong, Bangladesh

1971 Contemporary Indian Prints Exhibition, Poland

1971 Contemporary Indian Prints – Kolkata organized by USIS Smithsonian at New Delhi

1971 Prints from Asia, USA

1971 ‘India Alike’, Texas

1971 Group 8, New Delhi

1971 Expo -70, Touring Exhibition, Japan

1970 Society of Contemporary Artists, Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi


2013-14 'Transition', 20th Anniversary Show, Centre of International Modern Art(CIMA), Kolkata

2011 ‘Manifestations V', Delhi Art Gallery, New Delhi

2010 'Contemporary Printmaking In India', presented by Priyasri Art Gallery, Mumbai at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai; Priyasri Art Gallery, Mumbai

2010 'Summer Show 2010', Centre of International Modern Art (CIMA), Kolkata

2010 'Manifestations IV', Delhi Art Gallery, New Delhi

2007-08 'From Everyday To The Imagined: Modern Indian Art', Singapore Art Museum, Singapore and at Museum of Art, Seoul National University, Seoul

1996 ‘Indian Miniature Painting’, Hong Kong

1986 II Biennale, Havana

1985 ‘Indian Print Making Today’, Helsinki, Finland

1985 ‘Indian Print Making Today’, Bonn, Germany

1985 ‘Indian Graphic in Indian Fair’, USA

1984 2nd Asian Art Biennale, Bangladesh

1982 Exhibition of Indian Graphic, Havana, Cuba

1980 3rd World Biennale of Graphic Art, London

1980 3rd World Biennale of Graphic Art, Baghdad

1974 2nd Norwegian Prints Biennale, Norway

1974 4th International Exhibition of Original Drawing, Rajeka, Yugoslavia

1976 International Exhibition, Berlin

1974 International Exhibition of Graphic Art, Prechem

1973 Prime Internagionale Biella, Italy

1973 Contemporary Indian Prints Exhibition, Germany

1973 10th Ljubijna Biennale, Yugoslavia

1971 VII Paris Biennale, Paris

1971 2nd British Biennale, London

1956 World Youth Festival Art Exhibition, Prague

2016 Two Faces of Bengal Modernism GANESH PYNE & LALU PRASAD SHAW, New Delhi


Honours and Awards


1981 All India Graphic and Drawing Exhibition, Chandigarh

1978 Award for Graphic Art and Drawing, India

1976 Birla Academy Award for Graphic Art, India

1971 National Award in Graphic Art, India

1959 West Bengal Lalit Kala Academy's Award for Graphic Art, India

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