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Gopi Gajwani was born in Sind before the partition in1938. He graduated in Art from Delhi School of Art in 1959. Taking Delhi as his base, he established himself as a versatile and multidimensional artist, winning accolades for his paintings, designs, cartoons and caricatures. 


He has exhibited at Delhi Silpi Chakra, New Delhi 1967, National Exhibition of Art, New Delhi 1967, “A Tribute”, New Delhi- 1972, Graphics and Drawings, Black Partridge Gallery, 1975, Artist’s forum, New Delhi 1976, 53 artists of Delhi, New Delhi 1979, Contemporary Paintings in miniature format, New Delhi-1980, 6th Triennale – India , New Delhi 1986, Festival International De LA Bande Dessinee, Sierre, Switzerland, Art for Cry, New Delhi 1988, etc.


Gopi Gajwani has kept the abstract scene alive. His landing of space and colours is superb and very modern as well. The structure of his scapes proceeds on point-counterpoint basis. Large or small areas of colour are balanced in the most astute manner through their counterpoints (or touches in the counter-space).


The artist’s favourite medium is oil on canvas although he has done work in other media like watercolour, Chinese ink and acrylic. He has this rare ability to intuitively grasp the behaviour of colours, develop an intimate equation with them and understand even their minutest of nuances. His work has often been categorised as abstract expressionism, but Gajwani himself describes his works as a sort of melody in abstraction where each colour and the way it is used is a key to decoding the work.



  1959 Graduated in Graphic Designing, Delhi School of Art, New Delhi  

Selected Solo Exhibitions  

  1998,96,93,90,83,81,76,75,70,68,66 Shridharani Art Gallery, New Delhi

  1997 ABC Art Gallery, Varanasi

  1996 Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai

  1995 Gallery Espace, New Delhi

  1994 Taj Art Gallery, Mumbai

  1988 Dhoomimal Gallery, New Delhi

  1987 USIS, New Delhi,

  1978 Art Heritage, New Delhi

  1977 USIS, Mumbai

Selected Group Exhibitions  

  1997 'Tribute to Mother Teresa', Gallery Art Indus, New Delhi

  1997 'The End of Silence', Gallery Mirage, New Delhi

  1996 'Images on Paper', Gallery Art Motif, New Delhi

  1995 'A Homage', LTG Art Gallery, New Delhi

  1995 'Vision '95', Urusvati Centre for Contemporary Art, New Delhi

  1995 Korea-Indo Art, New Delhi

  1994 'Drawing '94', Gallery Espace, New Delhi

  1992 'An Immediate Look', Habitat Gallery, New Delhi

  1992 Shristi Art Gallery, New Delhi

  1992 'Petals of Offering', Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi

  1992 'The Multi Dimensions', Kriti Art Gallery, New Delhi

  1992 'Pioneers To the New Generation', Artsacre, Kolkata

  1991 'Artists of the Decade', Habitart Gallery, New Delhi

  1990 'A Tribute to Nelson Mandela', LTG Art Gallery, New Delhi

  1998 Art for CRY, New Delhi

  1980 Contemporary Painting in Miniature format, New Delhi


  2010 'Art Celebrates 2010: Sports and the City', represented by Gallery Art Motif at Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi to coincide with the hosting of the Commonwealth Games

  1996 Pyong-Taek International Art Festival, Korea

  1996 International Triennial of Painting, Sofia, Bulgaria

  1987 Festival International de La Bande Dessinee, Sierre, Switzerland

  1986 6th Triennale-India, New Delhi

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