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Spirituality is the cornerstone of his paintings. Spirituality as a philosophy and as an amalgamation of Hindu ethics and Christian beliefs informs his works. But his art, at the same time, also exudes a contemporary sensibility.

D. Ebenezer Sunder Singh was born in 1966 at Tirunelveli, a town in Tamil Nadu, and grew up in the midst of age-old traditions, imbibing a great deal from the rich cultural milieu that surrounded him. He received his diploma in Fine Arts from the Government College of Arts & Crafts in Chennai and a Merit Scholarship from the Tamil Nadu Ovia Nunkalai Kuzhu

Ebenzer Sunder Singh is well known all over the country for his sculptures, paintings, prints and drawings. He has widely exhibited and won numerous accolades for himself ever since he started exhibiting as a professional artist in the early 1990`s. His paintings, with deep influence from elements of both Hinduism and Christianity pulsate with a sort of Indianness. They possess a strong, intuitive Indian character. His meditative works incorporate s ort of translation of the mythology of the subcontinent.  This is what makes Ebenezer`s art rich in substance and meaning, making it universally appealing. Ebenezer likes to interpret what he has seen and experienced into a visual language that is enriched by his overflowing cache of personal and religious symbols. In his works we see the concepts of life and death, charity and sin, and pleasure and pain emerging with meanings and connotations that are sometimes so personal as to be alien to us, and therefore only comprehensible when looked at through the lens of Singh`s own psyche - which he is always ready to explain. In an exhibition in Chennai in 2000, Ebenezer displayed a new and innovative set of installation like pieces that he had been working on. He created what he calls book paintings, which basically are a series of watercolours on handmade paper influenced by religious texts and picture stories, and bound together between two copper sheets. These copper plates also have drawings beaten on them, and help the books to stand and be viewed as a series of paintings in an installation. . He has also received the Lalit Kala Akademi research Grant (1991 - 92), Junior Fellowship of the Government of India (1995 - 96) and the Arnawaz Vasudev Scholarship (1995). He has been a teacher for many years at the Loyola Institute of Visual Communication, the Vijaya College of Fine Arts at Gadag, Karnataka, the Government College of Arts & Crafts, and the Hindustan Engineering College, both in Chennai.




Selected Solo Exhibitions

2010 'Holy Smoke and other Works', RL Fine Arts, New York

2005 Pundole Art Gallery, Mumbai

2005 'Blindman’s Profession', Ananat Art Gallery, New Delhi

2003 ‘Senses', Gallery Bellevue, Berlin

2003 'Memory Compulsions', York Square Gallery, New Havan, Connecticut

2002 British Council's Living Wall, Chennai "In and Out"

2001 Gallery Bellevue, Berlin

2001 'Blindman's Profession', Pundole Art Gallery, Mumbai

2000 'Balloon Man', The Easel Art Gallery, Chennai

2000 'Neti...Neti....', Kingston University, UK

1998 'Kayittraravu', The Easel Art Gallery, Chennai

1996 'The Hollow men The Stuffed Men', The Easel Art Gallery, Chennai


Selected Group Exhibitions

2011 'No Balding Nor Tangling the Hair', The Faraway Tree, Chennai

2010 'India Rising: Tradition Meets Modernity', presented by Ati Art Gallery at Varya, New Delhi

2009 'Lo Real Maravilloso: Marvelous Reality', 20 Years Celebration of Gallery Espace at Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi

1999 'Contemporary Indian Art', presented by Maya Gallery at Air Gallery, London.

1999 Small Format Works Art Today, New Delhi

1997 'Southern Stars', Art World, Chennai.

1997 'Chennai Four', Art Today, New Delhi

1997 'Human Form and Art', Lalit Kala Academy, Chennai

1997 'Figurative Abstractions', The Easel Art Gallery, Chennai

1997 'Twelve', An Exhibition of Comtemporary Indian Artists Chitram Art Gallery, Kochi, Kerala

1995 'Diverse Perceptions', three man show at Surya Gallery, Hyderabad.

1995 'The Young Contemporaries', Lakeeren Art Gallery, Mumbai.

Joint Exhibitions

2000 'Heads and Tails', with Czech sculptor Peter Kavan at Easel Art Gallery, Chennai.


2011 'The Intuitive: Logic Revisted', from the Osians Collection at The World Economic Forum, Davos, Switzerland

1998 Exhibition National Museum, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

1998 National Exhibitions of Art Lalit Kala Akademi - New Delhi.

1998- 2000 Miniature Format Show Sans Tache Art Gallery - Mumbai.

1999 'Harmony Show', Nehru Centre, Mumbai.

2000 National Exhibition of Art Lalit Kala Akademi - Jaipur, New Delhi

1999 Cholamandal Artists Exhibition Cholamanda Art Gallery - Chennai

2001 Regional Art Exhibition at Lalit Kala Academy, Kochi

1997 Fifty years of Indian Independence Exhibition State Lalit Kala Akademi- Chennai

1992 National Exhibition of Art - Kerela

1992 Research Scholars Exhibition LKA-Chennai, Calcutta, New Delhi, Lucknow


Honours and Awards

1999 Charles Wallace Scholarship - U.K.

1995 Arnawaz Vasudev Scholarship

1991-92 Lalit Kala Akademi Research Grant

1997 State Award

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