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A contemporary Indian painter and sculptor, Jagannath Panda creates intricate art that becomes fascinating point of synthesis between the mythological and the technological. The mythological undergoes a sort of an avant garde transformation in his work as he fuses the mythological with elements from contemporary pop culture to create stunning and compelling works that are truly contemporary in their sensibilities.

Born in Bhubaneshwar, Orissa in 1970, Jagannath Panda completed his Bachelor’s degree in sculpture at the B. K. College of Arts and Crafts there in 1991,and his Master’s degree in the same at the Faculty of Fine Arts, M. S. University, Baroda in 1994. He served as a visiting researcher at the Fukuoka University of Education, Fukuoka, Japan, in 1997, and also completed another master’s degree in fine sculpture from the Royal College of Art, London, 2002.

In his detailed mixed media paintings, drawings and sculptures, Panda mixes motifs from traditional Indian art with images from western and Indian contemporary culture. These hybrid works often investigate the effects of globalisation and the resultant impact of the mainstream model of development that a country follows. So, even though the imagery and the style might seem fantastic and somewhat surreal, the works are very much rooted in reality as they try to convey the tensions inherent in the country’s socio-economic transformation and its foray into a globalised and a modern universe, so to say. He often humanises animals to become part of this seemingly ambiguous universe that he creates.

Jagannath Panda has had numerous solo shows in India as well as in world cities like London, Tokyo, San Fransisco, etc. He has also participated in group exhibition across the country as well as abroad. 1990 he won the Lalit Kala Akademi Award, and was also honoured with the All India Fine Arts and Crafts Society Award, New Delhi, in 1996.

The artist lives and works in New Delhi.



  2002 Master of Arts, Fine Sculpture, Royal College of Art, London

  1997 Visiting Research Fellow, Fukuoka University of Education, Japan

  1994 Master of Fine Arts (Sculpture), Faculty of Fine Arts, Mahraja Sayajirao University of Baroda

  1991 Bachelor of Fine Arts (Sculpture), B.K College of Art and Crafts, Bhubaneshwar



Selected Solo Exhibitions

  2015 'The Trance Narratives', Halcyon Gallery, London

  2012 'Opaque', Faculty of Fine Arts, Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda

  2012 'Cults of Serendipity', Frey Norris Gallery, San Francisco

  2011 'Metropolis of Mirage', Nature Morte, New Delhi and Berlin

  2009 'The Action of Nowhere', Gallery Nature Morte, New Delhi; Alexia Goethe Gallery, London

  2007 ‘Nothing Is Solid’, Gallery Chemould, Mumbai

  2006 Berkley Square Gallery, London

  2005 Gallery Nature Morte, New Delhi

  2000 Gallery Chemould, Mumbai

  2000 Nature Morte at the Hungarian Information and Cultural Centre, New Delhi

  1998 Za moca Foundation Gallery, Tokyo

Selected Group Exhibitions

  2014 'Zameen', Art District 13, New Delhi

  2013 'The SKODA Prize Show', National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA), Ministry of Culture, Government of India in collaboration with The Skoda Prize at National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA), New Delhi

  2013 'Peak Shift Effect', Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi

  2012 'WAR ZONE: Indian Contemporary Art', ARTEMONS CONTEMPORARY, Das Kunstmuseum, Austria

  2012 '2012: A Further Global Encounter', Grosvenor Vadehra, London

  2012 'Terrestial Bodies', 1 x 1 Art Gallery, Dubai

  2012 'Slipping Through The Cracks', Latitude 28, New Delhi

  2011 'Regards Croisés: A Selection of Asian Contemporary Art', Art Plural Gallery, Singapore

  2011 'Anecdotes', Sakshi Gallery, Mumbai

  2011 'High-Light', presented by Sakshi Gallery, Mumbai at The Oberoi, Gurgaon

  2011 'Tolstoy Farm: Archive of Utopia', presented by Seven Art Gallery at Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi

  2011 'Indian Rainbow', Luce Gallery, Torino

  2011 'Iconoclasts & Iconodules', Religare Art Gallery, New Delhi

  2010 Sakshi Gallery, Mumbai

  2010 'Inside India', Palazzo Saluzzo Paesana, Turin

  2010 'Freedom to March: Rediscovering Gandhi through Dandi', presented by Ojas Art at Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi

  2010 'At The Edge', Gallery Maya, London

  2010 'Looking Glass: The Existence of Difference', Twenty Indian Contemporary Artists presented by Religare Arts Initiative, New Delhi in collaboration with American Centre; British Council; Goethe-Institut/ Max Mueller Bhavan, New Delhi

  2010 'Midnight's Children', Studio La Citta, Italy

  2010 'Who Has Seen Gandhi?', presented by Tangerine Art Space at Raj Bhavan; KynKyny Art Gallery and Tangerine Art Space, Bangalore

  2010 'Indian (Sub)Way', Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi; Grosvenor Vadehra, London

  2010 'Dialogues: A Selection of International Contemporary Artists', Bartha & Senarclens Partners, Singapore

  2010 'Eye of India: A Selection of Contemporary Indian Artists', Bartha & Senarclens Partners, Singapore, in collaboration with Nature Morte, New Delhi

  2010 'Third Dimension', Sakshi Gallery, Mumbai

  2010 'Nature Revisited', Aakriti Gallery, Kolkata

  2010 'Singularities', RL Fine Arts, New York

  2009 'Astonishment of Being', Birla Academy of Art & Culture, Kolkata

  2009 'Vistaar II', presented by Seven Arts Limited at The Stainless Gallery, New Delhi

  2009 'In The Mood For Paper', F2 Gallery, Beijing

  2009 'The Human Animal', jointly presented by Gallery Threshold and Arts I (Religare Arts Initiative) at Gallery Threshold, New Delhi

  2009 'Bapu', presented by Saffronart in association with Berkeley Square Gallery, London

  2008-09 'Where In The World', Devi Art Foundation, New Delhi

  2008 'Nature Of The City', Visual Art Gallery, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi

  2008 'Urgent Conversations', Visual Art Gallery, India Habitat Centre and Art Alive Gallery, New Delhi

  2008 Indian Art at Swarovski ‘Crystal World’ Show, 2nd Exhibition, Tirol – Österreich, Austria

  2008 'Portrait of a Place', Rob Dean Art Gallery, London

  2007 'Hear and Now: Young Voices from India', Grosvenor Vadehra Gallery, London  2007 ‘Frame / Grid / Room / Cell’, Bodhi Art, Mumbai

  2007 ‘Private / Corporate IV’, Daimler Chrysler Contemporary, Berlin

  2006 'Drawing Show an Act of Art II', Priyasri Art Gallery, Mumbai

  2006 ‘Shadow Lines’, Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi

  2005 Palette Art Gallery, New Delhi

  2005 ‘Paths of Progression’, Bodhi Art, New Delhi and Saffronart, Mumbai (travels)

  2005 Gallery Nature Morte, New Delhi

  2005 ‘Negotiating Matter’, Anant Art Gallery, New Delhi

  2005 ‘Are We Like This Only?’, Vadhera Gallery at Rabindra Bhawan, New Delhi

  2004 Galleri 27 Oslo, Norway

  2004 ‘Generation-1’, Saffronart and The Guild Art Gallery, Mumbai

  2004 Gallery Nature Morte, New Delhi

  2003 ‘Dots and Pixels’, Gallery Espace. New Delhi

  2002 Graduate Show, Royal College of Art, London

  2002 Hockney Gallery, Royal College of Art, London

  2002 Dali Universe, London

  2001 Royal College of Art, London

  2000 Khoj International Exhibition, The British Council, New Delhi

  2000 Lalit Kala Akademy, Bhubaneshwar

  1999 ‘Edge of the Century’. Art Inc. Gallery, New Delhi

  1997 The Sight of Asia, Fukuoka, Japan.

  1996 Manifestation of Visual and Verbal. New Delhi

  1996 Punjab Lalit Kala Akademi, Chandigarh

  1995 ‘Beyond the Shores’, Rabindra Bhawan, New Delhi

  1994 Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai

  1993 Bal Bhawan, Daman

  1990 Rabindra Bhawan, New Delhi

  1989 Museum of Fine Arts, Chandigarh

Joint  Exhibitions

  2014 'Avatar', with Dashi Namdakov at Halycon Gallery, London


  2017 'Transforming Vision: 21st century art from the Pizzuti Collection', Pizzuti Collection, Columbus, Ohio

  2014 'Ode to Monumental: Celebration, Visuality, Ideology', presented by Saffronart at Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi and Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai

  2012 'Indian Highway VI', organized in collaboration with the Serpentine Gallery, London, and the Astrup Fearnley Museet, Oslo, Norway at The Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (UCCA), Beijing

 2012 'Phantoms of Asia: Contemporary Awakens the Past', Asian Art Museum, San Francisco

  2012 Art Dubai, Dubai

  2011-12 'Indian Highway', in collaboration with the Serpentine Gallery, London and the Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art, Oslo at MAXXI: Museum of XXI Century Arts, Rome

  2011 'Homespun', Devi Art Foundation, New Delhi

  2011 'Of Gods and Goddesses, Cinema, Cricket: The New Cultural Icons of India', Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai

  2011 'Indian Highway IV', Travelling Exhibition at Lyon Museum of Contemporary Art, Lyon

  2010 'Finding India: Art for the New century', presented by Sakshi Gallery at Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), Taipei

  2010 ‘Tokyo Art Meeting: Transformation’, Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo

  2009 'Lo Real Maravilloso: Marvelous Reality', 20 Years Celebration of Gallery Espace at Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi

  2009 'Expressions at Tihar', Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, New Delhi

  2009 'Beyond Globalization', Beyond Art Space, Beijing

  2009 'India Xianzai: Contemporary Indian Art', Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), Shanghai

  2009 'Contemporary Indian Art: Open Your Third Eye', National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul

  2009 'Contemporary Art from India', Palais Benedictine, Fecamp, France supported by Gallerie 88, Kolkata

  2008 'Chalo! India: A New Era of Indian Art', 5th Anniversary Exhibition, Mori Art Museum, Japan

  2008 Presented by Chemould Prescott Road at Art Basel Miami, Basel

  2008 'SHContemporary 2008', represented by Bodhi Art

  2008 'Art Basel', represented by Bose Pacia, New York and Nature Morte, New Delhi

  2008 ‘The Armory Show’, represented by Nature Morte, New Delhi

  2008 'Harvest 2008', organized by Arushi Arts at The Stainless Gallery, New Delhi

  2007 SHContemporary, Shanghai represented by Chemould Prescott Road, Mumbai



Honours and Awards

  2002 Centre Prize, C.I.I.C London

  1996 All India Fine Art and Crafts Society Award. New Delhi

  1995 National Academe Award from Central Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi

  1995 All India Drawing Award from Punjab Lalit Kala Akademi. Chandigarh

  1994 India Award from South Cultural Centre. Nagpur

  1991 Summer Show State Award by Working Artist Association, Orissa

  1991 Alice Boner Memorial Award

  1990 Orissa State Lalit Kala Akademi Award

  1990 Silver Medal from A.I.U.A, Banaras

  1990 All India Award from South Cultural Centre, Nagpur

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