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Meera Mukherjee was born in 1923 in Kolkata. She began studying at the Indian School of Orinetal Art there at the age off 14. She enrolled at the Delhi Polytechnic in 1947 from where she secured a diploma in painting, graphics and sculpture. In 19533, she travelled to Germany to study painting at the Hochschule for Bildende Kuenste in Munich. However, after a single term, she switched over to sculpture, something that would become her lifelong calling and would make her win accolades across the world.

Meera Mukherjee was deeply influenced by the traditional Dhokra sculptures of Bastar in Chhatisgarh. She innovated her own process for bronze casting after learning the Dhokra or lost wax method. Her method required first sculpting the wroks in wax, in order to preserve the tactile nature of the material, then building it up and adding surface decoration using wax strips and rolls. Despite the hardness of the bronze, its finish in her works appaears delicate, organic and malleable, imbuing the work with a unique kind of lyricism and rhythym,

In her sculptures, Meeera Mukherjee imaginatively intertwines scenes from the live sof common people with elements of Bengali calligraphy, nature, music and dance. Many of the sculptures are based on common people doing day to day chores. Her subjects include fishermen, weavers, women stictching labourers and other workers.

Meera Mukherjee touches a spiritual plane through her sculptures. Through these, she celebrates the spirit of humanism as well the yearning of human spirit to go beyond the mundane and embrace the magical, the sublime.

The artist has many awards and accolades to her credit. She received the prestigious Padma Shri from the Government of India in 1992, Press Award for the Master Craftsman in 1968, from the President of Inddia and the Abanindranath Award from the West Bengal government in 1981.

Meera Mukherjee passed away in 1998.


  1961-62 Folk Metal Casting with Craftsmen from West Bengal, Bihar, Orissa; Metal Work with Nepali Sakya Craftsmen

  1960 Folk Metal Casting with Bastar Gharuas

  1953-56 Academie de Nildenden Kunstem, Germany, Painting under Prof. Glethe ; Sculpture under Prof. Stadler &h Heinrich Kirchner; Etching under Prof. Thiermann ;Lithography under Prof. Lowasser

  1947-51 Diploma in Painting, Graphics and Sculpture, New Delhi Polytechnic

  1937-41 Indian Society of Oriental Art, Kolkata


Selected Posthumous Exhibitions

  2013-14 'Transition', 20th Anniversary Show, Centre of International Modern Art(CIMA), Kolkata

  2012 'Meera Mukherjee: A World in Bronze', supported by the ICCR (Indian Council for Cultural Relations)and held by Akar Prakar Gallery, Kolkata and the Buchheim Museum in cooperation with the Indian Institute, Munich at Buchheim Museum, Bernried, Germany

  2012 Sculptures of Meera Mukherjee (1923 -1998), presented by Akar Prakar & WelcomHotel Sheraton New Delhi as a collateral event of India Art Fair 2012

  2011 'Time Unfolded', Kiran Nadar Museum of Art (KNMA), New Delhi

  2011 'The Intuitive: Logic Revisted', from the Osians Collection at The World Economic Forum, Davos, Switzerland

  2010 'Memories of Meera', Akar Prakar, Kolkata

  2009 'Modern Continuous', Galerie 88, Kolkata

  2008-09 ‘Expanding Horizons: Contemporary Indian Art’, Traveling Exhibition presented by Bodhi Art at Ravinder Natya Mandir, P.L.Despande Kala Academy Art Gallery, Mumbai; Sant Dyaneshwar Natya Sankul Art Gallery, Amravati; Platinum Jubilee Hall, Nagpur; Tapadia Natya Mandir Sports Hall, Aurangabad; Hirachand Nemchand Vachanalay’s, Solapur; Acharya Vidyanand Sanskrutik Bhavan, Kolhapur; PGSR Sabhagriha, SNDT, Pune; Sarvajanik Vachanalaya Hall, Nasik

  2008 '3 Masters Briefly', Akar Prakar, Kolkata

  2008 'Santhal Family: Positions Around an Indian Sculpture', in association with Bodhi Art, and supported by the British Council, Kunststiftung NRW and the Provence of Antwerp at Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp (MuKHA), Belgium

  2008 'An Exhibition of Sculptures by Meera Mukherjee (1923-1998), Galerie 88, Kolkata

  2008 ‘Freedom 2008: Sixty Years after Indian Independence’, Centre for International Modern Art (CIMA), Kolkata

Selected Solo Exhibitions

  1997 Gallerie 88, Kolkata

  1997 Art Today, New Delhi

  1960 Sculpture & Painting, Max Mueller Bhavan, Kolkata

  1952 Paintings & Sculptures, Kolkata

  1941 Painting in Oriental Style, Kolkata

  1993 Birla Academy of Art and Culture, Kolkata

  1981 Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata

  1980,94 Gorky Sadan, Kolkata

  1966 Sculpture, Gallery Chemould, Kolkata

  1941,1952,1960 Kolkata

Selected Group Exhibitions

  2006 ‘ Bronze’ , organized by Gallery Espace at Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi

  2004 ‘The Margi and the Desi: Between Tradition and Modernity’, presented by Gallery Espace at Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi

  1997 National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA), New Delhi

  1952-56 Munich

  1949-51 New Delhi

Honours and Awards


  1980 Abanindranath Puruskar, West Bengal Government

  1967-68 President’s Award for Master Craftsman in Metalwork

  1967 Ladies Study Group, Kolkata

  1965 Research Fellowship, Anthropological Survey of India

  1953 Scholarship to study at the Bayerische Akademie der Sch nen K nste, Munich

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