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One of the most prominent female artists of the modern Indian art of the post eighties, Tapati Sarkar’s works engage with the social realities of India. She features the society, its movements and its people in her works. Her works are drawn with references to the common people and their struggles. Sometimes the struggles are represented through figures in action and sometimes through their mere moods.


Tapati Sarkar holds a Bachelors degree in Arts from the University of Kolkata. Her  works have been the highlight of many prestigious groups shows across the country. She also has a number of solo exhibitions to her credit. She has widely contributed to newspapers, periodicals and television. Sarkar also has an abiding interest in the tourism sector.


Her characters are made up of bold lines. The lines are self-containing units of feelings, emotions, sound and silence. Her paintings are so emotive that you can almost hear the characters narrate their stories with pose and poignancy.


The emancipation of women is perhaps the hallmark of her works. Her works portray women in different forms and moods. And these women captivate you with their aura and power, be it a common woman or a Goddess.



1973 Graduate(Bachelor of Arts)From University of Calcutta.

1979 Graduate of Government College of Art & Craft.

1980 Completed Art Appreciation Course from the University of Calcutta.


1987 Birla Academy of Art & Culture.

1987 Art Gallery of International Airport Authority-Calcutta.

1989 Academy of Fine Art - Calcutta.

1995 India International Centre of Delhi.

1996 Delhi Art Gallery.

1998 Birla Academy of Art And Culture.

1998 Peace Movement Exhibition in Jhargram, Medinipur.

2004 Point of View at Chemould Art Gallery, Kolkata.


1977-1998 Birla Academy of Art & Culture Annual

1982 National Exhibition Of Art, Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi

1982 Seventh All India Graphics Exhibition, Hyderabad

1983 Academy Of Fine Art, Calcutta

1987 Dialogue - Sri Dharani Art Gallery, New Delhi

1989 Young Faces In Contemporary Indian Art, Calcutta

1989 Gallery Chemould.

1992 India Festival to The U.S.A.

1993 The Group - Academy of Fine Arts, Calcutta

1997 Indian Life Saving Society of Calcutta.

1998 Participated In Anti- Nuclear Art Exhibition, Calcutta

1998 Birla Academy of Art And Culture, Mumbai

1999 Max Mueller Bhavan, Calcutta

1999 Utopia - Max Mueller Bhavan, Calcutta

2000 Prabaha - Biswa Banga Sammelan Academy of Fine Arts, Calcutta

2000 Indian Contemporary Art 'Bengal-2000', Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi

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