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Chennai- based Easter Raj is a well-versed artist in the figurative vein who has evolved typical imageries and a style of his own. He takes much from his illustrious artist farther, Santhana Raj and combines the southern scene and tradition with modernity. Nature appears frequently in his work. Born, in1963, A.P.S. Easter Raj secured a Diploma (first class) in Fine Arts & Painting, 1984, Fresco training, Banasthali Vidyapath Raj, 1985; Awarded High proficiency in fine art paintings, 1980, Gurukul Lutheva, theological college & research Institute award, 1980, Fine art award, 1981, South central zone cultural centre award, Nagpur, 1987, Kalakruthi award, Chennai, 1992, Tamilnadu ovia Nunkalai Kuzhu, 1985, All India Indian Christian art association award, Mumbai; Exhibited at Chota shereton,1990 Participation in many group shows, Such as Tamilnadu Nunkalai Kuzhu show, 1984, 1993, Lalit kala academy regional centre, 1993, Oxford University, London, 1993, All India painting exhibition Chitrakala parishad, Bangalore, 1990.

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