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Somnath Singh completed his Bachelors in Fine Arts from College of Arts, New Delhi in 2001 and his Masters in Fine Arts from College of Arts, New Delhi in 2004; His first solo exhibition was held at Dhoomimal Art Gallery in 2013.

Somnath Singh’s art captures the emptiness and hollowness of modern-day urban existence. He draws inspiration from his immediate surroundings – the vicious circle of noise, buildings, people, work, money, relationship. The predicament of a cosmopolitan urban existence finds nuanced expression in his works.

Working in semi abstract vein, the artist has produced some very engaging images of human situations as we encounter in day to day life. He works with partly obscured human figures indicating the facelessness of the contemporary world. While looking at his works, the viewer can feel the pathos and melancholy of the semi obscured human figures. The way the artist uses colours, by pairing deep colours against dull backgrounds, heightens the sense of melancholy one experiences while looking at the works. The works are cathartic for the viewers, as a city dweller caught in the circle of work, life, money, one can empathise with the predicament of the characters of the artist’s works.  

Solo Shows

NiyuanTaoyi Art Studio Wuhan, China ( 2019 )

Triveni Art Gallery ( 2019 )

Rafaael’s Art Gallery, New Delhi ( 2010 )

Triveni Art Gallery, New Delhi ( 2009 )

Triveni Art Gallery, New Delhi ( 2006 )

Ravindra Bhavan, New Delhi ( 2005 )

Triveni Art Gallery, New Delhi ( 2004 )


Group Shows

Hubei Province Fine Art Festival Silk Road New Language One Belt and One Road International Art Exhibition ( 2019 )

Works of Chinese and Foreign Artist, 9 rt Centre, Beijing ( 2019)

Indian Handicrafts Show, Dubai ( 2018 ).

Kintex Exhibition, Seoul, South Korea ( 2018 )

Open Palm Court, Modern Art Gallery, New Delhi ( 2013 )

86th All India Fine Arts and Crafts Society Exhibition ( 2013)

Uparambh Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi ( 2011)

Drawing: the Essence II, Visual Arts Gallery, Habitat Centre, New Delhi ( 2009 )

Rooh the Journey, Visual Arts Gallery, Habitat Centre, New Delhi ( 2009 )

Modern painting and sculpture by Indian Artist, 60 Years of Independence, Marble Hall, Rashrapati Bhavan (2007)

Celebrating 70 years Ravi Jain Annul Show (2006)

Since 1936 Ravi Jain Annual Show ( 2005 )

Impression organised by the Art People ( 2005 )

Indian Contemporary Art Exhibition, Visual Arts Gallery, Habitat Centre, New Delhi (2005)

Habi Art Gallery, Habitat Centre, New Delhi ( 2004 )

Group Show by Artist from Delhi, Ravindra Bhavan, New Delhi ( 2004 )

Palate Muler Art Gallery, Munich, Germany ( 2003)

Past India and Present Indian Contemporary Art Exhibition organised by Reliance India and Dhoomimal Art Gallery, New Delhi ( 2003)



Annual Art Exhibition, Sahitya Kala Parishad ( 2015 )

Korea India Contemporary Exchange Exhibition ( 2007 )

Art for a Sunnier Tomorrow and tribute to the late Shri Lalit Suri ( 2007 )

A charity art auction in aid of colours of hope ( 2007 )

49th National Art Exhibition ( 2006 )

47th National Art Exhibition ( 2004 )

Camelin Foundation Art Exhibition, New Delhi ( 2004 )

Beppu Asian Contemporary Art Exhibition on Japan ( 2003 )

AIFACS Annual All India Art Exhibition, New Delhi ( 2003 )

Pandit Ravi Jain Memorial Foundation Show by Dhoomimal Art Gallery, New Delhi ( 2002 )



Junior Fellowship from Ministry of Culture

Pt Ravi Jain Memorial Fellowship by Dhoomimal Art Gallery, New Delhi

Merit Scholarship from College of Art, New Delhi

Camp attended :Sunzuang Art Residency, Beijing, China

Regional Print Making Camp, Chandigarh, organised by Lalit Kala Akademi

Junior Artist Camp organised by AIFACS, New Delhi

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