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P Mansaram was born in Mount Abu in 1934. He secured a Diploma in Art from Sir J.J. school of Art, Mumbai. He also studied at the College of Education, University of Toronto, Canada, State Academy of Fine Arts, Amsterdam.



Soon after Mansaram immigrated to Canada in 1966, he became friends with the world famous media theorist Marshall McLuhan. A productive working relationship developed, leading to collaborations on several projects. In the late 1960ʼs and early 1970ʼs Mansaramʼs work, (inspired by and created with McLuhan), was exhibited at the Picture Loan Gallery. During this period he also organized happenings at the eminent Isaacs Gallery in Toronto. The Rear View Mirror series of collages, collaborative paintings, films, audio, and performances were shown and were well documented. Forty years later, this same work, along with recent projects, was featured at Ed Video Gallery.


He was awarded the Colour & Form Society Award, Toronto, 1975. He is the President of Colour & Form Society, Toronto. P Mansaram lives & works in Canada. He has widely exhibited in both India and aborad and has participated in several group shows of national and international stature in various art centres of India and abroad.


 P. Mansaram combines Indian sensibilities with those of the modern times. This approach is rather graphic and is often the metrically oriented. He makes frequent trips to India and paints during his sojourn.



  1981,1989,1995 Burlington Art Centre, Burlington

  1993 Art Gallery of Mississauga, Mississauga

  1992, 1994 Piramal Gallery, NCPA, Mumbal, India

  1992 Bathory Istvan Museum, Nyir Bator, Hungary

  1972-75,1977,1983,1985,1987 Dhoomimal Art Gallery, India

  1996 Dhoomimal Art Centre, New Delhi, India

  1975 Art Gallery of Hamilton, Hamilton

  1982,1984,1992 Pundole Gallery, Mumbai, India

  1979 India House, New York, N.Y.

  1997 Convention Centre, Toronto (Electronic Projections)

  1998 St. NorbertArts & Culture Centre, Winnipeg

  1999 Hamilton Central Public Library, Hamilton

  1999,2003,2004 Faculty Club of McMaster University, Hamilton

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