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  • About R.K. Yadav

    R.K. Yadav was born at village Pratap Pura, Agra, and graduated in Commercial art from Delhi College of Art, in 1965.

    RK Yadav’s works are centred on spirituality. He does visually evocative works that use spiritual symbols ...

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  • R.K. Yadav
  • About Rabin Mondal

    Born in Howrah in West Bengal in 1929, he was the son of a mechanical draughtsman, running a family business of manufacturing milling machinery. In 1941, he injured his knee and got confined to bed. It ...

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  • Rabin Mondal
  • About Rameshwar Singh

    Born in 1948 in Rajasthan, Rameshwar Singh received his Masters in Drawing and Painting from Udaipur University in 1982. The artists through his works combines his fascination for classical Indian art forms with modern sensibilities. He ...

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  • Rameshwar Singh
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