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  • About Narendra Yadav

    Mumbai based Narendra Yadav is a conceptual artist whose works are engaging, thought provoking and use interesting props both from the world of everyday objects and the fantastic world to create compelling, gigantic installation like artworks ...

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  • Narendra Yadav
  • About Nidhi Agarwal

    Born in 1972 in the city of Faridabad of Haryana, Nidhi Agarwal studied at the College of Art, Delhi. Born in a conservative Agrawal family, Nidhi by her own confession, hadn’t seen an art exhibition until ...

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  • Nidhi Agarwal
  • About Nupur Kundu

    Born in 1975, New Delhi, Nupur Kundu’s artistic persona effortlessly combines her passion for art and Indian classical dance. The artistic aspect of life struck her natural instinct by way of her obsession with painting and ...

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  • Nupur Kundu
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