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  • About G.R Santosh

    One of the 1st symbolist painters of India, he was deeply influenced by the geometric shapes and patterns and the beauty of Kashmir valley, especially in his early days. He was also profoundly influenced by the ...

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  • G.R Santosh
  • About Ganesh Haloi

    Born on the banks of Brahmaputra in Jamalpur, Mymensingh ( now in Bangaldesh ) in 1936, Ganesh Holi moved to Kolkata in 1950 following the partition of India. The trauma of the uprooting left a deep ...

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  • Ganesh Haloi
  • About Ganesh Pyne

    One of India’s foremost contemporary painters, Ganesh Pyne’s works are a manifestation of his deep and rather intense engagement with the nature of existence, an engagement that takes him into the innermost recesses of his imagination ...

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  • Ganesh Pyne
  • About George Keyt

    One of the subcontinent’s most distinguished artists, George Keyt was born in 1901 in Kandy in Sri Lanka. He has been acknowledged as Sri Lanka’s most celebrated modern painter who developed a deep interest in art, ...

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  • George Keyt
  • About Gopal Ghose

    In his works, nature comes out at its dreamy and evocative best. Born in Kolkata in 1913, Gopal Ghose is known the world over for his mastery of the medium of watercolour. Infact, he is often ...

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  • Gopal Ghose
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