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  • About A.P.S. Easter Raj

    Chennai- based Easter Raj is a well-versed artist in the figurative vein who has evolved typical imageries and a style of his own. He takes much from his illustrious artist farther, Santhana Raj and combines the ...

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  • A.P.S. Easter Raj
  • About Achuthan Kudallur

    Achuttan Kudallur was born in 1945 in  Palghat, Kerala. He is a self taught artist with a degree in civil engineering. He was a part of Madras Art Club, which functioned within the Government College of ...

    About Artworks(5)
  • Achuthan Kudallur
  • About Arpana Caur

    The highly celebrated artist, has a deep concern about serious issues of all times pertaining to women, and this is depicted with a tremendous dynamism and depth of feeling. The greatness of her works lies in ...

    About Artworks(11)
  • Arpana Caur
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