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  • About Sushil Sarkar

    Sushil Sarkar, a Kolkata based renowned Indian painter was also an art educator par excellence. He was the Principal of the Sarda Ukil School of Art. He also worked in the Publicity Division of the government ...

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  • Sushil Sarkar
  • About Syed Haider Raza

    One of the most iconic artists in the history of modern Indian art, S.H. Raza is known the world over for creating the unique iconoculture of the ‘Bindu’, a point of origin, a point of synthesis, ...

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  • Syed Haider Raza
  • About Tyeb Mehta

    Tyeb Mehta was born in Kapadvanj, Gujarat in 1925. He stayed and worked in Mumbai initially as a film editor in a cinema laboratory at Famous Studios. He graduated with a Diploma in Painting from Sir ...

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  • Tyeb Mehta
  • About V.S. Adurkar

    An artist cum educationist who belonged to the early school of academic realism, VS Adurkar had an affinity for the scenic but he was also a great watercolourist.

    V.S. Adurkar held a Diploma in Painting and Art ...

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  • V.S. Adurkar
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