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  • About Neeraj Goswami

    As an artist, he has created his own niche and identity by not towing the line as far as prevalent trends are concerned. Through his kind’s eye, he captures the essence of conflict in myriad settings, ...

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  • Neeraj Goswami
  • About Niren Sen Gupta

     Born in January 1940 in Bengal, Niren Sengupta was the former Principal of College of Art, New Delhi. He has taught for over 30 years at graduate & post-graduate levels in various art institutions. He graduated ...

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  • Niren Sen Gupta
  • About Om Prakash Sharma

    Born in 1932 at Bawal, Haryana, Om Prakash Sharma completed his graduation in Drawing and Painting from Meerut College, and secured a National Diploma in Fine Arts from the Delhi Polytechnic. The artist further secured a ...

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  • Om Prakash Sharma
  • About P. Mansaram

    P Mansaram was born in Mount Abu in 1934. He secured a Diploma in Art from Sir J.J. school of Art, Mumbai. He also studied at the College of Education, University of Toronto, Canada, State Academy ...

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  • P. Mansaram
  • About Padmakar Santape

    Padmakar Santape, was born in 1973 in Nagpur in the western Indian state of Maharashtra. The early signs of his artistic talent was recognised through the BFA in Painting which he gained in 1988. His work ...

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  • Padmakar Santape
  • About Paramjit Singh

    The visual bounties of nature alongwith its magnanimity and peace gets reflected in the dreamy and delicately crafted landscapes of Paramjit Singh. Each landscape seems to open to the viewer’s soul to the idyllic beauty of ...

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  • Paramjit Singh
  • About Parshotam Singh

    Born in 1933 at Khaour district ( Pakistan ), Parshotam Singh is specifically known for his musician series. With his intrinsic knowledge of the myriad moods of Indian classical music and lyrical depiction of the various ...

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  • Parshotam Singh
  • About Parvez Ahmad

    Born and raised in Indore, Parvez was never quite encouraged to become an artist. So his story of foray into the world of art is a rather interesting one. According to his own confession, there was ...

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  • Parvez Ahmad
  • About Piraji Sagara

    Born on 2nd February 1931 in the city of Ahmedabad, Piraji Sagara is one of India’s most well known painters and sculptors. He is specially known for introducing wood collages to the world of Indian art.


    Having ...

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  • Piraji Sagara
  • About Prabhakar Kolte

    Prabhakar Kolte was born in 1946 and received his Diploma from the Sir J.J. School of Art, Mumbai in 1968. He also taught there between 1972 and 1974.

    His early works show a strong influence of Paul ...

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  • Prabhakar Kolte
  • About R.K. Yadav

    R.K. Yadav was born at village Pratap Pura, Agra, and graduated in Commercial art from Delhi College of Art, in 1965.

    RK Yadav’s works are centred on spirituality. He does visually evocative works that use spiritual symbols ...

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  • R.K. Yadav
  • About Rabin Mondal

    Born in Howrah in West Bengal in 1929, he was the son of a mechanical draughtsman, running a family business of manufacturing milling machinery. In 1941, he injured his knee and got confined to bed. It ...

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  • Rabin Mondal
  • About Rameshwar Singh

    Born in 1948 in Rajasthan, Rameshwar Singh received his Masters in Drawing and Painting from Udaipur University in 1982. The artists through his works combines his fascination for classical Indian art forms with modern sensibilities. He ...

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  • Rameshwar Singh
  • About S. Harshavardhana

    Born in 1958 in Delhi, S. Harshavardhana gave up a successful career as a Bio-Scientist in 1993 to pursue his passion for painting.  His father, the late master abstractionist Jagdish Swaminathan, established the artists 'Group 1890' ...

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  • S. Harshavardhana
  • About S.G. Vasudev

    Born in Mysore, Karnataka in 1941, SG Vasudev received recognition as an artist relatively early. He was still a student, studying at the Government College of Art, Madras when he was awarded a National Scholarship by ...

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  • S.G. Vasudev
  • About S.R. Bhushan

    He created subdued, semi abstract images, centered on human form. These images seemed to peep through the upper crust from the depth like tormenting memories from some remote past.

    Born in Karimganj in Bangladesh in 1938, S.R. ...

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  • S.R. Bhushan
  • About Sachida Nagdev

    His artistic journey has the semblance of poetry. Inspired by pre-historic paintings and the old houses, sculptures and temples of his birth place, Sachida Nagdev is known to be one of the stalwarts of modern Indian ...

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  • Sachida Nagdev
  • About Saroj Pal Gogi

    Seen as one of the first ‘feminist’ women painters in modern Indian art, Gogi Saroj Pal has through her work explored the feminist consciousness, taken it out of the straitjacket of societal mores and moulds and ...

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  • Saroj Pal Gogi
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