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  • About Ganesh Pyne

    One of India’s foremost contemporary painters, Ganesh Pyne’s works are a manifestation of his deep and rather intense engagement with the nature of existence, an engagement that takes him into the innermost recesses of his imagination ...

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  • Ganesh Pyne
  • About George Keyt

    One of the subcontinent’s most distinguished artists, George Keyt was born in 1901 in Kandy in Sri Lanka. He has been acknowledged as Sri Lanka’s most celebrated modern painter who developed a deep interest in art, ...

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  • George Keyt
  • About Gopal Ghose

    In his works, nature comes out at its dreamy and evocative best. Born in Kolkata in 1913, Gopal Ghose is known the world over for his mastery of the medium of watercolour. Infact, he is often ...

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  • Gopal Ghose
  • About Hari Ambadas Gade

    Gade is considered one of the first abstract expressionist painters of post-independence India. Manifestly a landscape painter his contribution in this field is considerable. One of the founders of the progressive art movement in India, he ...

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  • Hari Ambadas Gade
  • About Himmat Shah

    Born on the banks of Brahmaputra in Jamalpur, Mymensingh ( now in Bangaldesh ) in 1936, Ganesh Holi moved to Kolkata in 1950 following the partition of India. The trauma of the uprooting left a deep ...

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  • Himmat Shah
  • About J. Swaminathan

    Jagdish Swaminathan was born at Sanjauli in Simla in 1928. He  studied Painting at the Delhi Polytechnic 1956 and subsequently at Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Poland. In his early days, he joined the Communist ...

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  • J. Swaminathan
  • About Jamini Roy

    Known as the first modernist master of Indian art, he reinvented the trope of western modernism in an Indian context and synthesises it with Indian folk art forms.

    Jamini Roy was born in 1887 in a small ...

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  • Jamini Roy
  • About Jatin Das

    Born in 1941 in the Mayurbhanj district of Orissa, which is steeped in the rich art and craft culture and a student of the Sir J J School of Art, Jatin Das is known for his ...

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  • Jatin Das
  • About Jeram Patel

    He was one of those artists who rebelled against the prevalent modernist approaches of his times and forged a new visual identity and method of abstraction, radically changing the Indian art scene of 1960’s.

    Born in 1930 ...

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  • Jeram Patel
  • About Jogen Chowdhury

    Born in 1939 in Faridpur, Bengal, Chowdhury studied at the Government College of Art and Crafts, Kolkata, from 1955-60, followed by a stint at L'Ecole Nationale Superior des Beax-Arts, Paris, in 1965-67 on a French Government ...

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  • Jogen Chowdhury
  • About K.C.S. Paniker

    His art bought the reinvention of the region at a time when regionalism was resisted politically. His art gave expression to the local myths, folklore, the entire paraphernalia of traditional arts and crafts and ancient knowledge ...

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  • K.C.S. Paniker
  • About K.G. Subramanyan

    Born in 1924 in Kuthuparambian, Kerala, K.G. Subramanyan studied Economics at Presidency College, Madras. However, his passion for art began to pursue its due course when he visited Santiniketan to study at Kala Bhavan, the art ...

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  • K.G. Subramanyan
  • About K.H. Ara

    Viewed as the first contemporary Indian painter to meticulously use the female nude as a subject, K.H. Ara through his works, transformed an act of straight reportage on day to day life into a potentially sensuous ...

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  • K.H. Ara
  • About K.K. Hebbar

    Kattingeri Krishna Hebbar was born in 1911 at Kattingeri in the Udupi district of Karnataka. His father used to make clay idols of Lord Ganesha during festivals and this background in folk art helped Hebbar decipher ...

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  • K.K. Hebbar
  • About K.S. Kulkarni

    Born in Karnataka, K.S. Kulkarni studied at the Sir J.J. School of Art, Bombay. He was also a research scholar at Sir Ratan Tata Trust, Bombay. He ahd his first solo show in 1945, organised by ...

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  • K.S. Kulkarni
  • About Krishen Khanna

    One of the most versatile modernists of our times, Krishen Khanna is known the world over for an artistic idiom that is structurally rooted in the aesthetics of  European modernism but its subject matter takes direct ...

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  • Krishen Khanna
  • About Laxman Pai

    For him, all beauty in its myriad manifestations was an unending source of inspiration. And it is this natural beauty that became the prism through which he explored a supreme spiritual consciousness in his works. For ...

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  • Laxman Pai
  • About Manjit Bawa

    Born in Dhuri, Punjab, Manjit Bawa studied at Delhi Polytechnic from 1958-63 under eminent artist-teachers Somnath Hore, Dhanraj Bhagat and B. C. Sanyal. He then lived in England from 1964-71 as a silkscreen printer and studied ...

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  • Manjit Bawa
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