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  • About Schandra Singh

    Artist Schandra Singh is a first generation American born in New York to immigrant parents. She is the daughter of Anand Singh, an Indian Maharaja and Gisa Singh, an Austrian model. Born in 1977 in New ...

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  • Schandra Singh
  • About Somnath Singh

    Somnath Singh completed his Bachelors in Fine Arts from College of Arts, New Delhi in 2001 and his Masters in Fine Arts from College of Arts, New Delhi in 2004; His first solo exhibition was held at ...

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  • Somnath Singh
  • About Subba Ghosh

    A painter, animator, installation and video artist, Subba Ghosh turns the convention of mainstream art on its head and invests arts with a strong cinematic language and uses the concept of hyper reality to make critical ...

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  • Subba Ghosh
  • About Subodh Gupta

    Subodh Gupta was born in 1964 in Khagaul, Bihar, and studied at the College of Art, Patna (1983-1988) before moving to New Delhi, where he continues to live and work. Trained as a painter, he went on ...

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  • Subodh Gupta
  • About Suchit Sahni

    Born on 30th Dec. 1977, Suchit Sahni received a Diploma in Fine Arts from the Academy of Fine Arts, New Delhi. He has exhibited in a number of solo and group shows at many places.  He lives ...

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  • Suchit Sahni
  • About Vikas Kalra

    Vikash Kalra was born in Delhi on 27th July 1973. He completed his graduation from Delhi University in Commerce. A self-taught artist, Vikash firmly believes that art is an organic entity and one who passion for art ...

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  • Vikas Kalra
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